3 uses for Socket Screws

Choosing fasteners is a task that requires some research to ensure that what you’re choosing is right for the job. Socket screws, also known as Allen screws, are tough and sturdy and can be used for numerous applications. Below are 3 uses for socket screws:

Used in machinery

Socket screws come with a low or high head size. The low head size is perfect for machine parts to ensure that the screws are not sticking out with the potential to hook on something. The socket screws can be good for tight applications.



The small spaces in electronics require screws that can fit into the area and that are lightweight. Socket screws fit the standards. They are lightweight and are great for applications with limited space.


Security Fasteners

Any applications that require a secure fit should use socket screws. They are the best fasteners to use when you’re looking for a screw with a tight and secure fit because of their strength and tightening abilities. When installed properly, the fastening abilities of a socket screw are endless.

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