6 Ways to maintain your Drills

The drill is an important tool to have in any toolbox, whether you’re a professional contractor or just an ‘around the house’ handyman. There are multiple uses for drills, and they are worthy tools, but they can only do so much before they require servicing. Here’s a few ways to keep your drills in the best condition:


Check the Leads

If you’re using a corded drill, it’s important to check the cables occasionally. If the cord is old or its frequently picked up by the cable, there’s a chance that the main point of the lead that enters the drill could be damaged. If there are any frayed or exposed wires, it might be time to repair or replace the cable.



If you’re using a wireless drill, you must maintain your battery. Maintaining the battery on drills is much like maintaining a regular battery. You need to make sure the battery is always fully charged to ensure its longevity. The battery should also be kept in a case when the drill is not in use, so as not to get any dust or water on it.


Clean Drill Bits

After use, drill bits should be wiped down and put away. They should be stored in an area where there is no moisture so that the drill bit does not rust. This takes a few minutes of your time and keeps your drill bits in good condition.


Sharpen Drill Bits

Drill bits can be sharpened with the use of a special sharpener and this will keep them running for a long time. If the drill bits are not sharp enough, it puts strain on the motor and can possibly burn the motor.


Use Oil

It is important to lubricate your drills with oil to ensure that all the parts are moving as they should. Do not put more than a few drops of oil in the drill otherwise it could cause the gears to slip which could in turn damage the motor.


Clean Any Moving Parts

If the moving parts are not moving as they should and your drill is overheating often, it might be useful to clean it. There is a chance that dust has gotten into the moving parts and should be removed immediately so that the drill can continue to work efficiently. 

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