The Benefits of Hexagon Head Fasteners

Hexagon head fasteners are quite popular when it comes to fasteners. They have been around for a long time and continue to thrive in the fastener industry because of their benefits. The benefits of the hexagon head fastener are as follows:


Easily Installed

Their most obvious benefit is that they are incredibly easy to install and uninstall because of their hexagonal head shape. The hexagon nuts and bolts have six sides for tools to easily grip onto and to access them from any side. Hexagon head fasteners are more popular than square head fasteners merely because of their accessibility.



When there are too many sides on a fastener head, the chances are that over time they will wear down and become round and difficult to grip. The six-sided head of a hexagon head screw means that even if it does wear does over time, there will still be enough space for a tool to easily grip onto the head.


Easily found and paired

The hexagon head fastener is the most common fastener in the industry so you will never struggle to find one and they are great to use for many applications. The fact that you can find hexagon headed bolts and nuts makes matching elements together and giving a component a uniform look quite easy.

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