What are the different types of Grease Nipple Fittings

Grease nipples are a type of fastener that are fitted to machinery. Once fitted, they are used as an entry point for lubricant to be poured into the machine by a grease gun. There are a few different types of grease nipples that can be used to get the job done.


Hydraulic type grease nipples

Hydraulic type grease nipples are the most common type of fitting because they can be fitted to any lubricant entry point on a piece of machinery. They are long-lasting, reliable grease nipple fittings.

Flush type grease nipples

These grease nipple fittings are perfect if you’re looking for something that is not completely exposed and is more compressed. They come in two different types; straight and angular.

Ball type grease nipples

The ball type grease nipple fittings are also quite commonly used. They are great for machinery that requires oil on a regular basis.

Button head grease nipples

The button head grease nipples are the best type of fitting to use on industrial machinery that requires a large amount of oil frequently. These grease nipple fittings can feed a large amount of lubricant to the machine at a high rate.

Bayonet grease nipples

These grease nipple fittings are also quite useful when it comes to heavy machinery. Like the button head grease nipples, the bayonet grease nipples can also feed grease to the machinery at a high rate.

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