Industrial tools available at Hammon Fasteners

Hammon Fasteners has a wide range of industrial tools on offer. From welding equipment to body shop tools, Hammon Fasteners has something for every industry. Read below to find out what industrial tools are available at Hammon Fasteners:

Automotive tools

Hammon Fastener offers several industrial tools to the automotive industry. These industrial tools include allen keys, battery charges, lubrication equipment, presses, trolley jacks and so much more. The lubrication equipment consists of grease guns, pumps and cartridges. We have a tool for every task in the workshop.
Welding equipment

Our welding equipment offers industrial tools for various fields of welding such as gas welding, arc welding, mig welding and tig welding. This includes various accessories, torches and cables. We also have welding machines in our industrial tool range. Inverters and coolers are offered in this section of our range.
Air tools

Our range of industrial tools also offers air tools. Brush kits, dusters, connectors, gauges, regulators and hoses are all offered under the air tools category. Hammon Fasteners also supplies direct drive compressors and compressor spares.
Power tools

There are several industrial power tools supplied by Hammon Fasteners. We have bevelling machines, blowers, blades, saws, grinders, drills, wrenches, sanders, shears, threaders and so much more. There are also many accessories and spares offered in this section of our industrial tool range.
Gardening equipment

Whip your garden into shape with the industrial gardening tools from Hammon Fasteners! We have just what you need to keep your garden looking beautiful. Choose from our range of water timers and computers, sprinklers, spray guns, pruners, shears and other gardening tools, as well as the necessary accessories.

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